Measuring unemployment: 

  1. Live register – measure of all those who receive social welfare payments eg. jobseekers allowance 
  2. Labour force survey (LFS) – (replaced QNHS) CSO invites 32,500 households to take a survey each quarter and answer questions in relation to employment status. This is considered to be a more accurate measure of unemployment.
Live register 
Does not represent the true level of unemployment in Ireland, it does include those who are officially declared unemployed or underemployed with the Department of Social Protection.
It also includes those receiving social welfare that may be employed or unofficially employed. 
More accurate because it has a large sample size and includes unemployed or underemployed persons. 
However, there is a time lag between taking the survey and results in each quarter. 
Exam Questions

(i) Name a source, other than the QNHS/LFS, for unemployment statistics in Ireland.

(ii) State, with reason, which of the measures of unemployment used by each of these sources gives the most accurate estimate of Irish unemployment.

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